Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Play dough

Declan wanted to play with play dough today so Wesley tried it for the first time! He mostly wanted to eat it.

Declan made the bunny a carrot 

Hmm.. what is this? 


Declan made a sand castle and a little guy. He’s so creative! 

Wetlands Walk

Yesterday we got ready to head out to the wetlands for a walk. While driving there it started raining hard. Declan suggested we go to the mall play area, so we did.

Wesley enjoyed watching all the kids play!

Next Declan asked to play for a few minutes in the lego store. 

He made this cool truck! 

He’s a unicorn! 

When we left the mall it had stopped raining so we ran our quick grocery errand and went to the wetlands. 

Declan’s new shoes!! They even light up! 

After our walk we went to the playground to run around. Wesley and Declan both went on the swings too! 

Wesley tried the slide for the first time! 

We headed for home as it started to rain again. Brad watched the super bowl while the boys and I played. 

Monday, January 29, 2018


Last night Declan was eagerly awaiting his dad’s return from Japan. He decided he needed to clean up a bit around the house for him. First he picked up his toys. We put new sheets and blankets on his bed. Then he cleaned the kitchen floor for me!


All that hard work deserved a hot cocoa with whipped cream and a marshmallow snowman. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Preschool activities

Declan had cooking day at preschool! He made a little polar bear! 

He also painted this picture. It’s a snowman wearing headphones. 


Declan asked to go on an adventure this morning. We packed up our beach stuff and headed to Richmond Beach to enjoy the sand and pirate ship playground! 

We made an awesome castle with a moat! Declan used a stick to try catching a salmon or octopus! 

Last we did the pirate ship playground. Declan loved the tunnel slide. 

Declan worked up an appetite for Costco pizza. He ate the whole thing! 


Declan is an incredible artist. More and more he’s enjoying drawing on his own with out any direction or instruction. He often asks to see a picture and then draws based on what he sees. He’s very talented and creative. Incredible Hulk 

Spider-Man doing a web shooting dance 

Mickey Mouse of course! 

Baby Wesley 

Ski lessons

Declan and Elias had their third and fourth ski lesson while Brad, Scott and Pop were in Japan. Kristine, Mao and I took the four boys up to the cabin on Friday night. Saturday morning the little boys stayed with Mao.  Kristine and I took Elias and Declan up to the pass for their lessons. The boys with coach Lauren 

Silly faces 

Discussing double diamond 

Back at the cabin we played with some filters on my phone. 

The following Friday we came up again for lessons. There was about 5” of snow at the cabin.  After dinner we made a snowman and played with the new cabin neighbor kids. 

Declan named his snowman Pop 

Saturday morning Kristine and I loaded up the boys and headed to the pass again. The pass was crazy busy due to all the new snow. 

The line at Hogs 

Lodge lunch time 

Back to the car