Saturday, March 3, 2018


Declan has really been enjoying playing with Piper. I thought he was yelling “bad dog” at her but turns out he was saying “Batdog!” They do all sorts of missions together and she happily trots after him. Although she doesn’t love her cape. 

Winter Wonderland

The following day after the boy’s last lesson we stayed at the cabin to play in the snow. We made snowball, snowmen, snow angels and walked to the river. It was a gorgeous day. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Last Ski Lesson

Declan really liked his ski coach Lauren. He drew a picture and wrote her a letter. 

He also chose a bag of chocolates to give her.

We dropped off Declan and Elias at their lesson and Brad, Scott, Dad and I skied. At lunchtime we went to get the boys. It was so windy and stormy after lunch, we stayed in the lodge. The boys played while we waited for the lifts to reopen. 

Eventually we went out to take a couple of runs on Daisy. As soon as the pass reopened we headed to the cabin. The boys snuggled and watched a movie. 

Here’s Declan’s report card from Coach Lauren: 

Valentine Party

Declan’s preschool had a little valentine party at school. I got to go and help! Declan loves passing out his valentines, having a treat and making crafts. 

Night Skiing

Declan went night skiing for the first time on Saturday! He loved it. We started out on daisy for one run. Then Declan wanted to do Hogs. He had a great run down Hogs, then moved on to housewives and the ridge. We are so proud of how well he skied and his willingness to try anything! 

We stopped for a donut and hot cocoa break, before heading out for more turns. 

On Sunday the pass was closed and so the kids snuggled on the couch to watch Cars 3. 

First field trip!

Declan got to go on a field trip to a bouncy house place with his preschool. He loved running around and rough housing with his little friends. 

Rolling around with his friends Khai and Betty