Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last Day in DC

Saturday was our last day in Washington DC. We said goodbye to Grant, Melissa, Thomas, William and Elizabeth after breakfast. We spent a bit more time with Nana and Whitney and then we said goodbye to them as well. After lunch Chris and Cyn took us to the National Building Museum with Iya, Char and Ty. We enjoyed exploring that museum as well. It's a beautiful buildings. Many special events such as the inaugural balls are held there.

Chris took Char and Ty to the airport and Cyn drove us back to their house to pack our last few items and get ready to head for home. Cyn, Chris and Iya delivered us to the airport for our long journey home.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

On Friday morning we relaxed at Cyn and Chris's house. Everyone was trying to get Declan to walk but he didn't want to. He did take one small step. Thomas was a harsh judge and kept saying NOPE! No walking!

Eventually we made turkey sandwiches and headed down to the National Mall. First we went to the Jefferson memorial and ate our lunches. It was really cold, but sunny. We even saw a fox running around the grounds. It was too cold to walk to the rest of the monuments so we drove over to the Lincoln Memorial. Grant's family wanted to check out the White House, so we drove as close to it as we could get. We walked all the way around the White House before heading to Fairfax for dinner.

After viewing the White House we drove about an hour down to Fairfax to the Robert's house for leftover dinner. We played a fun trivia game after eating so that we all got to know each other a little better. Then we had dessert and headed back to Cyn and Chris's house to go to bed. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Finally Thanksgiving Day arrived. Chris suggested we take the kids to the zoo so that the cooks wouldn't be distracted. It was a beautiful sunny day. Before we left for the zoo, we attempted to take a picture of the grand kids with Nana. It was hilarious trying to get everyone to look in the same direction, yet alone smile!

 We loaded up the kids and headed to the National Zoo. The animals were all pretty active since it was cool and sunny. The three pandas were all moving around and we see Bao Bao, the cub, resting in a tree. While we looked at the pandas, we could hear the male lion roaring from his area. We were able to see the gorillas, orangutans, elephants, pandas, lions, tiger, seals, otters, and more. We ate lunch at the zoo, visited a few more animals and headed back for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Look hard and see a white panda bottom 

We arrived back at Cyn and Chris's house to more relatives. We helped get the last few tables ready and then sat down to eat. After a delicious meal followed by pie, we had the family auction. Brad sold a water color painting he'd made of Kentucky Farm, the home where his father lived as a child. After the auction most of the family headed back to their places. Brad turned on the Seahawks game and we all relaxed after stuffing ourselves.