Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wexler's Anniversary

We were invited to celebrate Carolyn and Eldon's 25th wedding anniversary on Saturday, June 21st. Declan and I met up with Grammy and Pop at Temple Beth Or in Everett for the service. Most of the service was in Hebrew. It was beautiful to listen to the language, music and prayers. Eldon said lovely words about being married to Carolyn. Aria and Koby even stood up with their parents as they renewed their marriage contract. Declan did a great job during the service and stayed quiet for most of it. After the service was over we headed downstairs to have lunch. We had a delicious lunch outside since it was a beautiful day. Declan was a total star and visited and smiled with everyone at the party. He played with Koby and Aria and had a wonderful time. Koby even shared a little cake with him :-)
Koby and Declan 

Aria and Declan 
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First Haircut June 22nd

If you can believe it our 7 month old needed a haircut! It was covering his ears and really long in the back. On Sunday we went to our new friend Everett's (ESB) welcome to the world party. He's 6 months younger. After we went Grammy and Pop's house to watch the USA world cup soccer math. It was a great game. Then we convinced Pop to try to give Declan's hair a little trim. It was really hard to get him to hold his head still but he got his hair cut!

He didn't love having his head held still 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Swimming Lesson 7 months old

Today was Declan's first swimming lesson. We had a great time together. We arrived at the pool about 15 minutes early to get him in his swim trunks. As soon as we walked out by the pool and he saw the other children playing he began shrieking in joy! His whole face lit up and he could not contain his excitement to get in the water.

Our class finally started and Declan was delighted to be in the pool. We began with rubber duckies. I would throw the ducky about 2 feet ahead of Declan. He was supposed to reach for it while I held him floating at my side. This helps him learn that he's buoyant and how to reach in the water. He mostly wanted to eat the duck. Then we all got in a circle and sang the "wheels on the bus" while playing in the water. Declan thought this was great too. Next he practiced floating towards me while putting the lower half of his face in the water. He liked this as well. We did another fun song, splashing and kicking. Last all the babies stood on the edge of the pool (with help of course) and we did "Humpty Dumpty" and the babes "jumped" into the water with big huge smiles! We finished our class with another quick song and game in the water. Declan loved every minute of his lesson.

Afterwards we drove to Grammy and Pop's house to try out the new swing in their yard. While Declan went in the swing with Pop, we picked raspberries. Declan was exhausted from his busy day and was asleep before I made it to the end of the driveway.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Brad's First Father's Day

On Father's Day Declan, Brad and I went to church. Afterwards we came home to a rainy day. Declan had a couple of gifts for Brad: a mosaic garden stone to make together and some blocks with pictures of Declan on them. We relaxed and got ready for a family BBQ.

Reading the card from Declan

Relaxing together 

 Around 3 in the afternoon, Grammy, Pops and Great Nana arrived. We showed Nana the backyard where we are growing grass for Declan. We visited until Scott, Kristine, Elias, Todd, Auntie Paula and Dan arrived. Then Scott and Brad carried Great Nana upstairs for the BBQ. I took Paula on a tour of our yard to show her all the plants she'd given us. Brad made us delicious burgers. We also had potato salad from Grammy, chips and salsa, fruit salad from Kristine and Angel Food cake from Great Nana. It was pretty exciting to have Great Nana here. She hadn't seen Declan's room before or been upstairs in our house. She'd seen the downstairs before.
Happy Father's Day Pop! 

Great Nana 

Goofy cousins 

Paula, Nana and Gram 

Trying to get all the guys to look this way 

Here are the guys!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Austin's Graduation!

On Monday, June 9th Austin Aitken had his graduation party! I can't believe Austin graduated from high school! I can remember Austin being a baby and little boy as if it were yesterday. Austin has grown into a great young man. I can still see the shy little boy in many of his actions.

Declan thinks Austin is pretty great and Austin thinks Declan is great too. Gina had baked all sorts of delicious desserts to eat. While I ate desserts, Austin introduced Declan to all of his buddies.  Here we are together

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday, June 8th

On Sunday morning we headed to Maltby Cafe for breakfast. Then we can home and home and Brad and I worked a bit in the yard. We played Grandy's Katsura and several other plants. We worked on ripping out the bamboo too. Afterwards we took Nana and Whitney to Mukilteo to relax and play on the beach.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

7 months old!

Declan turned 7 months old on June 6th, 2014. You can see he's changed quite a bit. He no longer sits still next to bear and monkey for his pictures!

Saturday, June 7th

On Saturday we had donuts for breakfast. We relaxed a bit around the house and then headed out to Woodinville for lunch and wine tasting! It was an awesome day. It was sunny and beautiful. We started at Chateau St Michelle for a tour and wine tasting.

Then we headed to the Silver Lake Winery, Novelty Hill and the Hollywood area wineries.

We headed home to make our own pizza and watch a movie!