Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer fun with Jack and Lucy

Sarah had back to school teacher activities so we spent the day with Jack and Lucy. First we played around the house. Then we went into Ferguson park and played at the playground. Then we made a Jack Sandwich. 

Declan wanted to be a sandwich too. 

All three kids liked playing with the digger. 

We went "out to lunch" at the Kids Cafe at the high school. The kids had pizza lunch. After lunch we went back to Mao's to play more. Declan was so exhausted after his fun day that he fell asleep in the hallway that night! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fair Time

Uncle Dan invited us to the fair! We had so much fun checking out the animals, especially the draft horses. Declan was amazed at the size of the Clydesdales. He loved scratching their noses. One tried to give him a kiss!

Of course there was food! Declan and Dan shared an elephant ear. Declan also devoured a huckleberry ice cream cone and shared onion rings with us.

Last Declan got to choose one ride to go on. He chose the roller coaster worm. He even waved his arms in the air.


Saturday we headed up the Mt Loop Highway to the Old Robe Trail. Declan loved walking on the old train tracks and by the river. Piper and Brody were great hikers. Piper made sure we all stayed together.
After our walk we took a drive up the highway while Declan took a short nap. We decided to stop at the ice caves and do that walk too. Declan did a great job and told everyone to stay on the path and don't go in the cave! It was really cute.

Camping in our yard

This summer flew by! We've been so busy we didn't make it to the ocean foe our annual camping trip. Declan and Brad set up the tent in our backyard and we had a tent slumber party!

Date night!

Christmas in August: Brad finally got to use his Christmas present and go to he Journey concert. It was at White River with an amazing view of Mt Rainier. We met up with our friends, Rick and Marcy.  Declan had a slumber party with Mao and Bop while we listened to great music.

Stay in Bed!!

We've been getting creative in encouraging Declan to stay in his own bed all night long. He did! His treat was a delicious donut. However once we got to Frost and sat down with his treat he saw all the kids books and wanted read instead!

My sweet gardener

Declan loves to dig for carrots, potatoes and help me water our garden.

Taylor's wedding

August 21st we celebrated Taylor and Kendall's wedding. We had a wonderful! Declan loved playing outside between the ceremony and reception. The view from Rose Hill was incredible. After dinner Declan danced with the bridesmaids. Then R2D2 made an appearance on the dance floor. Declan was amazed! He danced and danced with R2. Declan danced until he dropped and fell asleep just steps away from the dance floor. We laid him down on a chair and we all continued to dance more! It was an awesome wedding!