Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tulip Festival!

On Monday we took Declan to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon to admire the tulips. Declan loved the bright colors. He tried to stuff the tulips in his mouth or crush them with his little hands. We walked along the muddy rows snapping lots of pictures. Afterwards we headed over to La Conner to have a picnic lunch on the river.
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Sitting on his own in the tulips 

Daddy and Declan 

Little Angel 

Tall Tulips 

Declan and Mommy

Super Tulip Declan 

Tulip Baby 

I WILL eat this tulip!

Our little family 

Crush the tulip 

Eat the tulip 

The entrance to Tulip Town 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Declan had an awesome Easter. On Sunday we got up and Declan had a basket from the Easter bunny! He got bubbles, Pat the Bunny, three sippy cups, a pinwheel and a little doll! He was really excited. We left for church and had our breakfast at church. During the service Declan took a snooze. He slept in the car all the way to Grammy and Pop's house. Declan and Elias played together and then both took naps while we ate dinner. Dick and Roberta brought delicious cheese cake for dessert. Grammy had Easter sand buckets for the boys with Cat in the Hat onesies in them!
Declan with his basket 

Declan Cottontail 

Declan and Daddy 

Our Family 

Great Nana, Declan, Daddy and Uncle Scott 

Sitting with Great Nana and his Easter Chick from Auntie Kristine

Trying to get a picture of both boys 

Declan fell over... 

Elias looking at the clock and Dec falling 

Declan's bucket