Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dinosaurs and horses: Sunday Funday

On Sunday we took Declan to the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup to see the dinosaurs.
When we entered the exhibition building Declan could hear the dinosaurs rumbling and roaring. Declan could see two dinosaurs moving their heads and tails. He was terrified. His eyes were huge in his little face. He held on really tight to my hand while we stared at the dinosaurs. Eventually he got comfortable and led us through the exhibit, pointing and chattering at each new dinosaur. 

 Declan looked at all the dinosaurs in wonder and amazement. He even dug for fossils in a big sand pit. He uncovered the skull of T- Rex! Declan got to ride two dinosaurs: a triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex and loved it.

Last he pet a baby dinosaur, Velociraptor, named Frankie. At first he was a little worried, but then he got right in there and pet Frankie. He didn't want to leave. 

 We left the exhibition and went to check out the games and activities he could do. He found an area that had several brightly colored dinosaurs he could sit on and pretend to ride. He loved it; running   from dinosaur to dinosaur climbing on and riding. Next he found a giant inflatable maze. He ran through the maze giggling laughing and screeching over and over again. We must have each done it 5 times with him. He absolutely loved it and would even go and bounce against the inflatable walls, laughing.

After visiting the dinosaurs we decided since we were right by Emerald Downs we should see some horses. The horse races started at 2 p.m, so we were right on time.  First we wandered around Emerald Downs looking at the gambling machines, field and paddock. When the horses came out and were paraded down to the field Declan shrieked with joy, clapping his hands. We walked down to watch the race. When the horses ran past him in the 300 yard race Declan clapped and cheered raising his hands in the air and yelling wow wow!

Obviously he's teething! 

In between the races, Declan pushed his stroller up and down the aisles passed all the other people. He even did a little dancing to the music the bugeler was playing. 

We watched four races. Declan loved each one and loved looking at the beautiful horses. It was so fun to see all of his excitement, listening to him laugh, cheer, yell and throw his hands up in the air.

Declan fell asleep as soon as we left Emerald Downs! It was an exciting day for a little boy!