Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Declan and Elias went trick or treating in our neighborhood! Declan had decided in  August he wanted to be a spider. We've been planning his costume ever since. He was so excited to paint his face and put on his spider legs and hat. He kept asking over and over to see himself in the mirror. It was hilarious. Once Elias, Kristine, Scott and Bennett arrived we headed out into a dark and rainy night to get candy from our neighbors. The boys had so much fun! We were out about an hour and half, returned home with two bags of candy and two tired little boys!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Preschool days

Today in preschool we were super busy, as Declan would say. We did our calendar, the weather, days of the week and months of the year songs. Then we learned about the #1 and the letter B. We talked about bats, balls, balloons, bunnies and butterflies! Declan and I recited an October poem and danced. 

Declan is very excited to go to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. We made a pumpkin book together, which Declan illustrated. on the back of the book he drew Jack O' Happy with two eyes, a nose and smile! He was so proud of himself. 

Mao and I made Declan a flannel board to go with all the flannel pieces Mao used to have in her classroom. Declan was absolutely thrilled to do the flannel board today! We did "little mouse, little mouse, are you in the (color) house?" 
Looking for the mouse!

Molbak's Fall Festival

Today we took Declan to Molbak's for the Fall Festival. We had so much fun! Declan made a bat hat. Next he decorated a pumpkin with stickers. He also planted a tulip bulb. He filled a bottle with rice, popcorn, glitter and beans to make a shaker. Next he went "fishing" and got a dum dum and sweet pea seeds. After that we covered a pine cone in Crisco and bird seed to make a bird feeder. We walked in the back to see a huge exhibit from the Science Center and a tortoise from the zoo. Declan didn't want to leave! We took him to stage area to hear Recess Monkey playing. He loved it and stood right upfront to dance! We had a wonderful morning!

First swimming lesson alone!

Declan had a great first swimming lesson all by himself! He did a great job splashing and playing with his teacher Miss Rachel. Afterwards we went to Nana Hope's for waffles and cookies. Declan was worn out!

Pumpkin Patch

A rainy fun day running around the Farm pumpkin patch!