Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bike ride with Daddy and Papa

Saturday Daddy and Papa took Delcan for a bike ride while I rested and Grammy entertained me. After the ride, Declan helped make some repairs to Brad's bike. Papa made us big mouth bass for dinner along with salad and potatoes. Grammy made delicious apple crisp with ice cream. Declan sure loves his ice cream! 

Saving pennies

Saving change is one of Declan's favorite things to do. Anytime he finds a coin, he runs as fast as his little legs will carry him to his room. He points to his piggy bank until one of us gets it down. Then he very carefully puts in his money! He loves to do it. After he's done, he reminds us to put the bank back on the shelf. 

August Accident

It's been an interesting two weeks around our house. Our little monkey has been having lots of screen time, lots of time with Daddy and Grammy and Papa. After our bike ride on August 8th, I crashed and tore up my leg very badly. I got a ride in the aid car and left the hospital five hours later with 37 stitches holding three different, very deep cuts together. I've been moving slowly and not doing a whole lot of activity. Declan's a real trooper and just dealt with mommy being laid up on the couch. He's done a great job of helping me recover. Declan knows I'm supposed to drink lots of water so he often jabs me in the mouth with the straw on the cup. He's also become very good at helping me get RJ outside. He will run to the door and attempt to open it yelling "Go RJJJJJ, go RJJJJJJ." Sometimes he even pushes RJ's bottom! Declan loves to help me arrange the ice on my "ouchie, wow." He will even carry dishes to the sink for me and drops them in with a loud clatter. What a boy!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Water table scientist

Friday Declan played in the water table at our house. I laid in the hammock and watched him splash, explore and discover. He had a milk jug, a watering can, a funnel and a few sour cream containers to play with. 

After some free exploration time with each of the items, I noticed Declan do the following: 

He decided to fill up the milk jug. First he used the measuring cup to try to get water into the milk jug. It was a slow process and didn't really go well. 

Next I watched him use the watering can to pour water into the jug. This worked much faster, but was very slopping, spilling lots of water down the side of the jug. 

Last Declan placed the funnel into the lid of the jug. Using the watering can he then poured water into the funnel and away it went into the jug! He seemed very pleased with the results and filled the jug to the brim before dumping it all over himself! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Water table!

On Wednedsy I went to the doctor to have the stitches removed from my leg. I wasn't healed enough and the stitches stayed in. Grammy and Papa took us shopping in Monroe. Declan got a water table and Adirondack chairs! He played in the water table most of the afternoon while I sat resting my leg. He loved it! Afterwards he had a popsicle, tasted a plumb, and played with the hose nozzle. 

Yummy plum! 

Watch out! 

I see you! 

Watch out world, I'm coming for you! 

Playing in the water table! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Finger painting with daddy

Declan and Daddy finger painted together for the first time Sunday! While I rested on the couch, ok, stood in the corner taking pictures, Declan got out his painting cloth and papers. He and daddy chose to do a Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, and Husky painting. Below is the beautiful work they created. 
Go Dawgs! 

The beautiful colors of the Browns: 

Go Hawks 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bike riding

Saturday we decided to go for a bike ride. We parked near church and road to the Woodinville play area . We stopped at the Woodinville farmers market  and walk through  checking out the fresh fruit, photographs and flowers. From there we decided to try the Tripplehorn brewery. We had to write up a huge long hill in order to get there. I couldn't believe that I made it up the hill. I only had to walk once for about a hundred feet. Once we got there we chose a game to play and found a spot to sit. We tried a delicious blackberry beer, perfect for summer time. The three of us shared a brie cheese and bacon sandwich it was delicious. We played a couple more games and Declan was interested in watching racing on TV. He made a new friend named Fiona. They were both curious how the umbrellas on the table went up and down. Shortly after another family came in and we spent most of our afternoon talking with them and having our kids play together. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Blueberry picking

Last Friday Grammy and I took Declan blueberry picking in Snohomish. He had a great time searching for berries and wandering up and down the rows, for about 10 minutes. Then he decided it would be more fun to do something else. We got him to pick a few more minutes. He did a good job picking the green blueberries and also stealing berries from our buckets. Declan and I went back to Grammy's house while she picked more berries. He played in her yard. We picked her up and went to visit great Nana and Paula. We spent a couple hours with them before heading home for a nap.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Elias's Birthday Party!

On August 9th, we got to celebrate Elias's second birthday at his house! I managed to make it to Scott and Kristine's couch for the party. Great Nana, Uncle Todd, Sarah Beth, Grandpa Dick, Grandma Roberta, Grammy and Papa all came to eat and party! We had delicious food, watched the boys play, sang happy birthday and opened presents! I only snapped a few pictures of the party.
Declan loves helping Elias