Friday, July 31, 2015


Wednesday Declan and I met Brad at the Mariner's game. Brad's new firm, CTA invited us to go with the firm for the game. It was a beautiful afternoon, even though they lost. We enjoyed meeting a few of Brad's new coworkers.

Cabin River Time

We came up to the cabin for a relaxing weekend and river time before Brad begins his new job! Today we played in the river and went for a long walk around the development after dinner. It was a fun, happy day!

Movie night

We've continued our Thursday night tradition of movies in the park. Last night was Night at the Museum 3. We loaded the red wagon and headed out. Declan danced to the pre movie muaic, chased a remote controlled car, rolled down the hill, played on the teeter totter, and pet a bunny. Declan also helped Daddy get popcorn. Declan also got a glow necklace! He managed to stay awake during the whole movie by sitting up and munching on popcorn! He fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.

Kings Island!!

On Sunday we got up early, picked up Glenn and Whitney and headed to Kings Island near Cincinnati. Once we arrived Glenn convinced us to go on a roller coaster called Firehawk. He assured me my feet would not be hanging, however he did not tell me that we would be laying down strapped in and feel like I was flying. It was an awesome ride! Declan stayed with Nana while we rode. We went on another roller coaster after that one. It was like space mountain and was also very fun. We all took turns riding the Beast, the largest wooden roller coaster in the world.  Declan played in the arcade while we rode the Beast.
After eating lunch, it was Declan's turn for fun. We watched the Peanuts sing and dance. Then Declan got to meet each character and dance with them. He loved it.
We met up with Glenn's daughter Laurie, Sean, Kate and Cameron. We took the three kids to Camp Snoopy to go on the rides. They all had a wonderful time driving cars, flying in planes and laughing.
Once the kids had done the rides, we went on the log ride with Whitney and Sean and got soaked! It was so much fun.

Glenn, Lynne and Whitney headed for home. The rides were shut down a few minutes after they left due to thunderstorms. We had wanted to go to the water park, Soak City but it was also closed. We went back to ride the carousel and a few other Snoopy rides. Then we headed back to Columbus stopping for dinner at Steak and Shake. Declan loved his chocolate shake!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Alum Creek and Glenn's Party

Saturday morning we went to Alum Creek! Declan had a great time playing with Brad in the water.

After swimming we all helped Whitney put together her new entertainment center. Declan was an amazing helper, as usual.

In the afternoon, Glenn invited us to his home for a birthday party barbecue. He had several families members over for the party. We had a wonderful time getting to know all of them, enjoying craft beer, playing on the play structure and eating burgers and ice cream cake.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hocking Hills

Friday we picked up Whitney just before 8 in the morning for the 1 hour drive to Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is a National and State park that has miles and miles of hiking trails in south central Ohio.

We got to the Old Man's Cave parking lot just after 9. We got Declan sun screened and ready to hike! We had a marvelous time walking down the stairs and trails to get to the Old Man's Cave, named after a man who lived in the cave in the 1800's.

Next we went to Cedar Falls and it was beautiful! 

Last we went to Ash Cave. It was amazing too. It had the most people and was very easy for everyone to access. 

We also went to Cedar Falls and Ash Cave!

Our little tree hugger

After walking around Hocking Hills, we went searching for Amish. Apparently there are several farms in the area, but we only saw one buggy with one Amish man in it. 

We also looked for covered bridges. Here's one Brad found.