Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tree Decorating

Sunday we spent the whole day decorating our tree and our house! Declan did a really good job of putting the angel on top of the tree. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Welcome to Snohomish, Santa

Saturday morning Declan and I headed out early to run a few errands. Then we met Mao in Snohomish to see Santa arrive on the fire truck! Santa waved right at Declan! He was thrilled.

There was a long line to see Santa. It was very cold, only about 35 degrees, so we decided to go to Joyworks and BeBops. Once the line died down, we took Declan back to see Santa. We had to stand in line for  a few minutes to see Santa. Once it was Declan's turn, he walked right up to Santa and stared at him. I lifted him on to Santa's lap. He didn't seem to mind it until I moved away to get a picture. He was a little worried, so Santa gave him a candy cane and he was thrilled. 

After visiting Santa, Declan tried out being a gnome in "Snognomish."

While walking around Declan found these stools outside of a restaurant and was desperate to try each one. He and Mao sat on all three stools and decided they were great. 

Declan and I headed home for a nap before Roses' Christmas party! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Tree Hunting

Friday Declan went swimming with Daddy! Mao and I went to Fred Meyer for 1/2 price socks. After we all met back up at Mao and Bop's house to go Christmas tree hunting. Once again we went to the Reade Christmas Tree Farm to find out trees. 

Here's Declan searching for a tree: 

We found one! 

Brad's cutting it down! 

Declan is supervising the work 

We found the second tree! 

Cutting down Mao and Bop's tree! 

Riding back to the car with the tree. 

Declan got a candy cane. He loved it! 

Back at Mao and Bop's house we had turkey leftovers. They were delicious! Mao really enjoyed the pecan pie!