Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stanley Park Vancouver Aquarium!

Brad had Thursday off from work before he started his new job. We decided to take Declan to Stanley park to explore the Vancouver Aquarium! We had a wonderful day. Declan loved seeing the sharks, belugas, jelly fish, penguins, porpoises, barking sea lions, turtles, all sorts of fish and RAYS!

We watched the belugas give a performance including wiggling their melons, jumping, diving, spitting, splashing and more.

Declan had a great nap on the way! 


Our favorite exhibit was the rays! The new exhibit opened in March. We got to go put our hands into a huge pool of shallow water. The rays would swim by and we got to gently touch them on their backs. They were soft and slimy feeling.

We shared fish and chips before exploring the rest of the aquarium. We also enjoyed the jellyfish which were mesmorizing in their habitats. There were several tanks that included native fish from the waters around British Columbia. We were amazed at the beauty and colors of the rocks, coral, shells and fish. 

We watched a 4D movie about predators and prey. Declan loved it. He kept his glasses on and he would yell as animals popped out at him. He especially liked the tarantula. He loved the water and air that was blown on him to make it a 4D movie! 


After a busy day running errands we went to Scuttlebutt for dinner followed by a walk down at the marina. It was a beautiful evening. We could see about 20 kite boarders on the Jetty. We all spotted a harbor seal who swam right up near us.