Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fantastic Halloween!

On Halloween, we got Declan all dressed as Lightning McQueen. He was so excited, especially to wear his amazing hat from Paula. Declan and Daddy practiced trick or treating our door while we waited for our friends to arrive. 

 After the Linns arrived we headed to the Town Center to walk around and trick or treat there. We met Scott, Kristine and Army Man Elias. It was a crowded, hectic event so we only did a few businesses.

We headed back to our home for pizza and playing! 

After dinner we went trick or treating in our neighborhood with Sage and Andria! It was wonderful. we had so much fun watching the kids excitement. We are blessed with such polite and friendly kids. By the end of the night, even Declan was saying trick, treat! It was hilarious. 

We all went home exhausted with full pumpkins filled with candy!

Snuggle buddy bacon lovers!

Halloween morning is quiet around here. It's pouring and blowing outside so we've been busy in the house. Declan wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast. He's double fisting the bacon!
Now he's having some snuggle time with Brody!