Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunny, HOT Days

June has been a hot month for us! We have been busy trying to keep cool. Here are a few snap shots of what Declan has been up to during the week while Daddy's at work and we are trying to stay cool.
Laying in front of the fan holding his pizza cutter! 

Eating popsicles on the deck 
Riding the John Deere with Bop. 
Sandbox time in the shade.

Sweeping the dirt 
Relaxing in PJ's 

Apparently one needs a Mac Hauler and a car to go night night. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Genesis and Pride

On Sunday, we hosted a small brunch group called Genesis after church. Roger had a great idea to do a parachute game with all the kids. We had 5 kids there: 16 month old Connor, 3 year old Carlin, Annabelle and Grace 7 year old twins and of course 19 month old Declan. We ate brunch together and then the kids played and played! 

After brunch we headed down to Seattle Center for the Pride Festival. This week the United States Supreme Court made it legal for same sex marriage in all 50 states. We wanted to show our support so we headed down to the Pride Festival. Unfortunately we missed the parade, but had a great day wandering around the festival. Declan especially liked the dancing and the fountain! 
Here we are meeting Brad's favorite presidential candidate: Hillary! 


Declan loved the rainbow balloon! 

Here's Declan and Brad playing in the fountain! 

We met up with the Fetherston's at the fountain. The girls and Alex played with Declan in the fountain. Then we all went to grab a late lunch. 

Hannah and Tatum 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hot Rods n Hot Dogs

Our church hosts an annual hot dog and hot rod event each June. This year we got to take Declan. It was a very hot day. Declan enjoyed walking around our church parking lot checking out the hot rods. There was a huge table set up with all different flavors of popcorn, salt water taffy, licorice, fire balls, and more. Declan loved running to the table and getting a piece of popcorn every few minutes. There was also a table filled with water jugs. Declan loved the fruit floating in the jugs and he couldn't get enough of the refreshing drinks. We also had the opportunity to meet lots of people from our church that we didn't know. Declan is very popular at church and all of his friends at the event made sure to tell him hello. 

This car had been outfitted with a horn to sound just like Road Runner from Wiley Coyote. Declan loved it! 

After looking at all of the cars, and dancing to the Beach Boys we sat down to eat a hot dog! Declan even had some Doritos! Our friend Dylan lives just down the street from our church so he brought his brand new puppy to visit the car show and meet Declan. 

Next we headed to the mall to run a few errands and escape from the heat. We finished our day at the Big E Ale House with blackberry beer. Yum! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Visiting with Auntie Sarah Beth

After swimming on Thursday we went to Mao and Bop's, as Declan has decided to call them. Auntie Sarah Beth came over to visit us. She'll be moving over here soon so we will get to see her all the time! Uncle Todd loved teasing Declan and stuffing the counting bears down his shirt. Declan thought it was hilarious! 

If that smile doesn't say love.... 

After a pizza lunch, Declan played outside with everyone. He was fascinated by Uncle Todd's power washing. Auntie Sarah let Declan carry around dog poop in his bare hands. After that he went into his little pool and splashed. I asked if he wanted ice cream and he jumped out of the water and ran to his chair to sit down. He knows he has to be in his chair to have a treat! He loves his ice cream! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

On Father's Day, we woke up in Snohomish. The night before we had all attended Missy and Joel's wedding. Delcan went home early and Grammy and Pop. Brad and I stayed until the end of the wedding. In the morning Declan went to church and we slept in! After a dutch baby breakfast we went for a bike ride on the Centennial Trail. We stopped at the Machias park to play and meet Uncle Todd. Declan played for about a half hour then we rode a bit farther before riding our bikes back to Snohomish. We went back to Grammy and Pop's for pulled pork and strawberry shortcake. Great Nana and Grand Paula joined us. 


Sliding with Daddy 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Zoo Day with Elias

We went to the zoo today! Uncle Scott dropped off Elias around 8:30 so the boys got to play together for about an hour before we headed to the zoo. Declan was so thrilled to have Elias at his house that he danced so hard he ran into the wall. Here he is giving Elias a hug! 

The boys really wanted to read some books with me. After I read to them, they read to each other! 

Grammy came to our house and picked us up to go the zoo. Here we are at the zoo's entrance! 

Of course Declan is gazing at Elias 


When we first arrived to see the lions, the three cubs were lounging in the grass. They got up and walked right up to the glass so we could get a close up view of them. The dad stayed on the rock and snoozed.

Next we went to go see the tigers. Grammy's friend Sharon joined us! Here we are learning about the sloth bears 

Sloth Bear 

Next we went to see the otters and the bears! It's always a favorite.


After the otters we went to eat lunch and Sharon went home! 

Next we visited the penguins, another favorite!

Then we visited the gorillas! 

Declan loves to hug Elias 

We left the zoo and stopped by the rose garden on the way back to the car. Declan ran all over the garden sniffing flowers, rolling in the grass and having a grand time. Elias took a snooze.

Elias, wake up and play! 

Running to Grammy

Elias finally woke up to play! 

And that was the end to our lovely day! Two tired boys slept in the car on the way home and woke up to chase each other while we waited for Uncle Scott to pick up Elias!