Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Zoo Trip with Elias and Bennett

Kristine, Elias, Bennett and Mao joined Declan and me at the zoo when Bennett was only ten days old! We had a great time looking at all the animals. The boys loved being there together and ran around like two little monkeys. I brought our red wagon for the boys to ride in if they were tired. The boys both liked pulling the wagon around the zoo.

First we looked a the savanna animals including the hippos!

The lion cubs that we've enjoyed watching grow are now huge. Each boy weighs more than 200 pounds! The three cubs will probably head to another zoo in the fall. It will be sad to see them go!

Declan and Elias loved crawling through the meerkat's hole. We had to pull them away to go look at the tigers. Those three brothers were camouflaged and we had to search for them.

The penguins weren't very active so we only spent a few minutes at that exhibit and then let the boys crawl all over the penguins boat.

Last we went to visit the otters. One of the otters was swimming all over and was so playful!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Playing in the yard!

Today was a beautiful day. After a busy morning inside, we headed to the back yard after lunch. Declan played in his sandbox and on his play structure. He loved the slide and the swing. Brody boy chased him around the yard. I managed to get a lot of weeding done and play with Declan! 

This fall Declan couldn't climb the ladder by himself so it's fun to see how far he's come! 

Here's Brody! 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Six Years

Declan was very chatty Sunday. He told us all about his "uitcase" and his "back back." He has even started saying "no thank you" when he doesn't want something. During church he told us about the baby in the service "baby cry loud." He also asked for Hannah and told us all about church. 

Sunday after church we ran several errands including getting Declan his very own Cars suitcase for our upcoming trip! He was so excited to pull it around the store! We could tell Declan felt so grown up with his very own suitcase. 

After our errands we went to Mc Menamin's in Bothell for a late lunch. We had received a gift card and had saved it for a special treat. Brad and I met in Snohomish with RJ six years ago. Neither of us ever imagined we'd have such a sweet, thoughtful little boy! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Busy Saturday

Saturday morning Mao and Declan made cookie dough. Declan got a new umbrella he wanted to try out. While the cookie dough chilled we went for a walk with his new umbrella. Along the way he splashed in puddles, visited the neighbor goats and chickens and played hide and go seek.
After nap time we rolled out the cookies and Declan helped cut them out. He kept saying my turn, my turn. He also ate lots of dough. Brad arrived at Mao's house just in time to help decorate the valentine cookies.