Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adventure Week Day Five: Tuesday Home Alone

On today's adventure Declan stayed home with me and Elias stayed home with Grammy and Papa. It was very rainy outside so we decided everyone should have a day off to recover at home from all of our adventures. Declan and I decided to make play dough for an Easter Bunny present for both Elias and Declan. It wasn't such a great idea since Declan only slept for 30 minutes today during his nap time. He wanted to help stir the play dough which was great except for that he also kept trying to taste it which wasn't so great because it is very, very salty and he kept spitting it out. I was getting frustrated because he was whining and very needy and wanted to stand on his stool all the time and try to reach for things in the kitchen. I tried to give him a snack and drink of milk, or crackers, but he wasn't interested and only wanted to eat  play dough or the food coloring. Eventually I got frustrated and we quit making play dough and I started making dinner. He tried to help with that and just when I was on my last straw with the whining, he came over took my hand led me over to the couch curled up on my lap and asked me to read him a story. What a sweetheart!

Brad's Birthday

We celebrated Brad's birthday at the Sounders game! His company gave him tickets to the suite. It worked out great because Declan could wander around the suite while we watches the game. We also arrived early enough that Declan was able to explore the stadium!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Adventure Week Day Four: Monday at the Zoo

Monday ended up being a beautiful, sunny day so we headed to the zoo with the boys. First we went to the family farm zoo where there were pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, a tractor and a small play area. Both boys especially enjoyed the goats and the tractor.

Then we headed over to visit the gorillas and penguins. 

We had a picnic lunch outside then headed into zoomazium to play with musical instruments and climb on a structure. 

We headed back out to take a look at the elephants. Chai and Bamboo will be heading to Oklahoma soon so we have to see the elephants as often as we can. 

We walked up to see the lion cubs next. The cubs were rolling around near their mother. 

The warthogs were snoozing. 

Grammy brought some Easter eggs for the boys to "hunt" for while at the zoo. 

We saved the best animal for last:

 Here we are at the end of the day with two very tired little boys!