Friday, February 6, 2015

First blood and a birthday party

Since Declan started walking he's suffered several bumps and bruises. He's always been a trooper and recovered pretty quickly.

Today was Friday swim day. We headed off to swimming. As usual Declan was eager to get into the pool. He tried to jump into the lazy river but to his dismay I managed to grab him before he did that. We splashed in the beach area until lesson time. Grammy came to watch Declan swim of course. When he saw her, he said "Mao." I guess this is what he wants to call her. Anyway, towards the end of the lesson Miss Ashley said it was time to do Humpty Dumpty. Declan has learned to crawl out of the pool and then jump in. He went right over to the edge to pull himself out. I was holding on to him to help him crawl out when his face went smash on the platform of the pool. Poor little guy cried and cried as his lip bled and his mouth filled with blood. He also has a little bruise and scrape on his chin. After he calmed down he wanted to get right back in the water! We stayed until the end of the lesson.

 Then we picked up Pop for lunch. Today is Great Aunt Paula's birthday. Uncle Todd, cousin Dan, Pop, Grammy and great Nana all ate lunch at Scuttlebutt's to celebrate her! Then we all went to the Goodwill for a few minutes. Declan and I headed home for a late afternoon nap. 

After his nap, the yogurt monster came for a visit! 

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