Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Growing Boy

Declan has really been growing and changing the last few weeks. He's started speaking in sentences more often. This week he started calling me "mommy" instead of "mama." I did feel a little sad that he's growing up and not calling me mama anymore. When Brad gets home from work, he shrieks with joy "my daddy home!"

He's also becoming more aware of his surroundings. When we drive in Snohomish, he often points in the direction of Nana's house and yells "Nana Hope!" Declan knows when we drive down Bickford that we are close to Mao and Bapa's house and points out the roads we need to turn on to get there.

Declan adores his new cousin Bennett. He talks about Baby Ben all the time. When we are around him, he loves to check up on him, help give a bottle and most important to give him little kisses.

Declan loves to give hugs and pats on the back. He is very good natured and loving. If he could be outside all day long every day, that's where he'd be! He loves his sandbox, the backyard slide and drawing with chalk on the blackboard He helps to pull weeds and garden. He knows how to turn the hose on and off and likes to help with watering. He happily helped me plant our vegetable garden seeds. He loved poking holes in the dirt and dropping in the seeds!

Everyday I look froward to seeing how Declan changes and grows!

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