Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Declan Loves to Talk!

Declan has been talking even more this week. He's putting together sentences and know the names for most things that he wants. He does say some funny things!
He says: Legos are pegos, go hushkies and crayons are "drawers"
He loves to talk about poop and toots. I think that's part of being a little boy. All cats are named Bo and all dogs are called Brody. He likes to help feed his "frish" Simon.

The other night in the bath tub he was playing with his little people ship's captain.  I asked him if that was the captain and he told me NO! It was "Baby Nana Hope!" HA! He continued to talk about Baby Nana Hope for the rest of his bath. He often goes into the bathroom to check on Baby Nana Hope.

Last week I picked him up after work and he ran up to me and said "mommy, MY BUTT." I asked him not to talk like that and so he yelled again "MY BUTT." I had him stand in the corner for a timeout. When he was done, I reminded him that's not a word we use, plus he doesn't yell at me. He said ok and started to play. He walked over to me again and yelled it two more times. He got another time. After his timeout he walked over, game me a hug and said he was sorry. Then he gently patted my back and whispered in my ear "my butt." It was so hard not to laugh!

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