Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Party Time!

On June 26th we had a big 70th birthday party for Pop! Declan practiced saying "happy birthday old man" all week long!  We had about 25  guests to Mao and Pop's house in Snohomish for the celebration. The majority of the guests were family. Several special life long friends were also included. When guests arrived we asked them to have  picture taken in our photo booth using lots of Declan's dress up hats! Everyone enjoyed being goofy and were good sports about having their picture taken! 

Dad's saxophone and Boy Scout shirts and patches 

Memory Lane

We enjoyed delicious food including mini apple pies, carmel corn, cookies, fruit, veggies, pulled pork, beans and more! 

Pop played a memory game where guests wrote down a memory and he had to guess who'd shared that memory about him. We all reminisced and laughed about lots of the memories. 

It was a great birthday party! 

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