Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gardening Class

In the month of May Declan and I took a garden class at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens! We loved it. At the end of each class we got to walk in the gardens with the teacher and learn about the gardens. The first class was all about worms! 
We enjoyed looking at worms, making worm soup, digging for worms reading, singing and sorting worms. We even got to eat a worm snack! YUM! 

After class we had a picnic lunch together! Declan had a happy meal and I ate his fries!

The following week our class was about flowers! We planted flowers, counted flowers, did a flower puzzle, sang songs, learned the parts of a flower and made a flower snack! 

The next class was all about butterflies. Mao joined us. We did butterfly puzzles, stories, sorting and more. Our teacher had real butterflies to release into the garden on our walk! 

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