Sunday, June 18, 2017

Edmonds Festival

After Cars 3 and a short rest, we headed to the Edmonds Art Festival. Declan told us he hated festivals and didnt' want to go, but as soon as he got there he had so much fun! We managed to look at a little bit of art, but mostly Declan led the way. 

Here he is eating Almond Joy ice cream from Lopez Island ice cream! It was so good!

Next we went inside and Declan created a lot of art including water color: 

Next he used stamps to create art in clay. He made an octopus, shark, sea horse and more! We got to bring it all home! 

We ventured back outside and Declan did the climbing wall! 

Declan was starving by this point so we went to Las Brisas for a delicious shrimp fajita dinner before heading home. 

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