Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kla Ha Ya Days

Saturday morning we went to the Kla Ha Ya Days Parade! Declan loves parades so we made sure to get there in plenty of time to get a great spot at the start of the parade in the shade!

Since we were at the start, Declan got a ton of candy and was thrilled with his haul. Wesley sat quietly in the moby wrap and took it all in.

Eventually he went to stand with Daddy in the shade. Daddy fed him and then he threw up all down Brad's shirt! Yuck!

After the parade, Declan walked on the river trail with Mao and Papa while Wesley and I relaxed in the shade. Then Declan found a bouncy house and popcorn!

Once we convinced Declan to leave the bouncy house, we walked around the street fair and then headed home.

In the evening we went to the one year anniversary of 20 Corners with Marcy and Rick. Rose also joined us for a little bit.

I had my first beer since November. It was delicious. We listened to live music and visited!

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