Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl!

Declan, Brad and I made "Beast Cakes" on Saturday to get ready for the Super Bowl.

Putting blue food coloring in the cupcake mix

Stirring the cupcake mix
Sunday morning we got Declan in his Seahawks gear to head out to church. After the service Tor took a 12th man photo!

After church Declan helped us get the table ready with our treats for our friends to come over. The Grospe's, Linns, Missy and Christiane came over for the game! 

Declan by his beast cakes with an "S" out of skittles! 


Snuggling with Sam 

Avery, Andria and Sage eating Super Bowl snacks 

Avery and Andria forced me to wrestle with them 

The girls forced me to wrestle with them. I was not the instigator. 

Sage, Avery and Andria 

Sandi and Travis 

Sam, Sage and Jason 

Andria petting RJ 

Sage wearing Brad's hat 

Sandi, Christiane, Avery and Missy 

Avery and Missy 

Andria tickling Missy's toes! 

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