Sunday, January 26, 2014

Declan's Baptism

Declan was baptized today at our church, Bothell First Lutheran. It was a lovely service. His Nana Hamilton, Grammy and Pop Ogden, Uncle Scott, Aunt Kristine, cousin Elias, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Matt, cousin Ava, and our friends Carolyn and Eldon all came to church with us. Richard Edmonds planned a lovely solo song for him called Grow In Grace. Then Pastor Tor Berg had Brad, Declan and I come up with his Godparents Amanda and Matt (Ava came too). Declan sat in my arms and smiled and smiled at Tor! He just stared at him. We promised to help him grow in Christ and support his Christian life. Then Tor explained what baptism is, and put water from the baptismal font all over his head. Then his baptism candle was lit. We're supposed to light it again every year on his anniversary to remind him of his baptism. Tor then carried him down the aisle for the whole church to welcome him. It was really great. After the service we came home and had french toast casserole, quiche, blueberry muffins and fruit. Everyone visited all afternoon and laughed! Miss Ava kept us all very entertained. When she left at the end of the day, she gave Elias a big kiss and then said "who is that guy?" It was hilarious. We were able to talk with his other Godmother, Aunt Whitney in the morning before the service. Then we talked with his Uncle Grant, Aunt Melissa, Thomas, William and Elizabeth at the end of the day.
Tor reading about baptism

The baptism 

Baptism candle

Smiling at Pastor

Declan's godfather Matt, Miss Ava, Uncle Scott and Pop

Daddy and Declan 

Carolyn, Eldon and Declan 

Nana, Daddy and Declan 

Elias and Amanda 

Miss Ava and Declan 
 Here are some photos of Amanda and I trying to get three littles to look at the camera at the same time:

We finally get all three faces up and I'm looking away! 

Now trying to get three oldies and a little one to look at the camera... 
Declan and his grandparents. 

Declan's 40 year old Aunt and Uncle! HAHAHA!
Declan with Uncle Scott, Auntie Kristine and Elias 

Declan with his Godparents, Matt and Amanda and his children's Bible. 

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