Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break!

It's spring break around here so Declan and I have gotten to visit with some of our friends this week. On Wednesday we went to the Linn's. Declan played with Sage, Avery and Andria. By play, I mean he snuggled with Sam and the girls danced around him. Declan is very excited for Sam's baby boy to be born so he won't be outnumbered so badly.Unfortunately when we took the pictures, Sage was taking a nap.
Andria and D 

Andria,. D and Avery 

Andria and D 

Declan and I walked to the park this week too. He rode in his stroller with out his car seat! 
D in his stroller without his car seat! He's pretty excited!

On Thursday Grammy and CC came over to visit. Declan and I had a slow morning. 
Eating his cereal before we have company

Waiting patiently for me to finish drying my hair. 

We went to lunch at Maltby Cafe and then went to Flower World and Molbecks. Here's Declan riding in his stroller again. 

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