Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A busy few days

Declan has had a busy few days. On Saturday Declan helped us work in the backyard. Then we went to a baby shower for Auntie Amanda's twin girls. Declan was perfect for the party. Afterwards he helped me make pizza dough. We picked up Great Nana Hope. We went to Grammy and Pop's to visit Uncle Todd. He had shoulder surgery and wanted company. We each made our own pizzas. They were delicious.  Grammy gave Declan bunny ears to kick off Holy Week! 

On Sunday, we went to Palm Sunday service. Declan had a great time trying to eat his palm leaf. Afterwards we went grocery shopping and then went home to do more yard work. Daddy studied a bit and then we went to the Linn's house for chicken tacos. We celebrated Travis's 40th birthday. It was a really fun party! 

On Monday Declan and I were eating breakfast and got an exciting phone call. Auntie Amanda had been having contractions. We drove to the hospital to entertain Ava. Amanda was sent home and put on more bedrest! Declan and I then headed to Trysha's house to have Declan's pictures taken with his cousin Elias. After a very long day, we came home and Declan went in daddy's hammock! 

On Tuesday Declan and I went to Auntie Amanda's to help put away all her shower gifts. We put together a swing, unpacked a car seat and organized all the clothes and toys. We worked hard but had fun together! 

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