Saturday, May 30, 2015

Party time!

May is a month of parties. Our first party was a Thing One and Thing Two Dr. Seuss party for Ava (4), Claire and Eleanor, turning one. The kids had a fabulous time running around the yard playing.

Crazy Mommies!

Our second party was for Everett. We celebrated his first birthday with an airplane themed BBQ

Declan and Everett playing in the sand 

Learning to throw and airplane

Sage, Declan, Avery and Andi 

The following weekend we went to Andria's birthday party. It was at her church. She had a Frozen themed party complete with a bouncy house.
Declan and Caden on the bouncy house slide 
Kahlan, Andi and Avery 
Sage, Declan and Olaf: best buddies 
Declan and his friends! 

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