Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday with Nana

Monday morning Brad headed off to work at his new office in Seattle. The rest of us stayed home and enjoyed a quiet morning. After Declan's morning nap and lunch, the three of us headed downtown. We parked at Brad's new office. Then Declan and I took Nana around Pike Place market. We loved looking at all the beautiful flowers and hand crafted items. Declan was very excited to pat the pig!

We also stopped at Piroshky for a treat. We ate it in the park with all the lovely homeless people. Brad called and said he was ready for us to visit the new office. The office is great and it was exciting to see it after hearing about it for months! There's lots of glass and Declan put his greasy fingers all over it! He had a great time running up and down the corridors and saying hi to Brad's coworkers.

We left the office and went down to the waterfront for a seafood dinner and dessert! It was delicious! Next we went home to enjoy our last evening with Nana in town.

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