Sunday, June 14, 2015


Sunday Papa and Grammy came over to build Declan's sandbox! After a photo shoot with Trysha, we came home to help them. Declan was a marvelous sandbox builder and helper. He patiently watched what Daddy and Papa did and tried to participate.

After it was all built, we finally got to put sand in it! Declan thought this was just about the greatest thing that every happened to him. He got his shovels, rake, buckets and dump trucks and got right to work. His cousin Elias came over to help him build. The two boys had so much fun.

We took a break from the sandbox to have burgers. It was a great dinner with Auntie Kristine, Elias, Papa, Grammy and our little family. After dinner, the boys went back down to show Uncle Scott the sandbox. Since it was time to go home, Scott and Daddy closed the lid on the sandbox. Declan was so sad he sobbed and sobbed. That was a good signal that he was all worn out from a busy day and ready for bed! 

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