Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hot Rods n Hot Dogs

Our church hosts an annual hot dog and hot rod event each June. This year we got to take Declan. It was a very hot day. Declan enjoyed walking around our church parking lot checking out the hot rods. There was a huge table set up with all different flavors of popcorn, salt water taffy, licorice, fire balls, and more. Declan loved running to the table and getting a piece of popcorn every few minutes. There was also a table filled with water jugs. Declan loved the fruit floating in the jugs and he couldn't get enough of the refreshing drinks. We also had the opportunity to meet lots of people from our church that we didn't know. Declan is very popular at church and all of his friends at the event made sure to tell him hello. 

This car had been outfitted with a horn to sound just like Road Runner from Wiley Coyote. Declan loved it! 

After looking at all of the cars, and dancing to the Beach Boys we sat down to eat a hot dog! Declan even had some Doritos! Our friend Dylan lives just down the street from our church so he brought his brand new puppy to visit the car show and meet Declan. 

Next we headed to the mall to run a few errands and escape from the heat. We finished our day at the Big E Ale House with blackberry beer. Yum! 

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