Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Zoo Trip with Elias and Bennett

Kristine, Elias, Bennett and Mao joined Declan and me at the zoo when Bennett was only ten days old! We had a great time looking at all the animals. The boys loved being there together and ran around like two little monkeys. I brought our red wagon for the boys to ride in if they were tired. The boys both liked pulling the wagon around the zoo.

First we looked a the savanna animals including the hippos!

The lion cubs that we've enjoyed watching grow are now huge. Each boy weighs more than 200 pounds! The three cubs will probably head to another zoo in the fall. It will be sad to see them go!

Declan and Elias loved crawling through the meerkat's hole. We had to pull them away to go look at the tigers. Those three brothers were camouflaged and we had to search for them.

The penguins weren't very active so we only spent a few minutes at that exhibit and then let the boys crawl all over the penguins boat.

Last we went to visit the otters. One of the otters was swimming all over and was so playful!

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