Sunday, February 21, 2016

Six Years

Declan was very chatty Sunday. He told us all about his "uitcase" and his "back back." He has even started saying "no thank you" when he doesn't want something. During church he told us about the baby in the service "baby cry loud." He also asked for Hannah and told us all about church. 

Sunday after church we ran several errands including getting Declan his very own Cars suitcase for our upcoming trip! He was so excited to pull it around the store! We could tell Declan felt so grown up with his very own suitcase. 

After our errands we went to Mc Menamin's in Bothell for a late lunch. We had received a gift card and had saved it for a special treat. Brad and I met in Snohomish with RJ six years ago. Neither of us ever imagined we'd have such a sweet, thoughtful little boy! 

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