Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fun date night

I forgot to mention that last Thursday Brad invited me to Seahawks stadium for the punt, pass and kick competition. I was really excited to get to walk on the field and eat hamburgers for dinner. I had spent the day with Amanda and Ava and went home to get ready. I anticipated traffic might be bad, so I went to the bathroom right before I left at 3:30. I was right about traffic; it was horrendous. About 5:15 I realized I needed to go to the bathroom. I could see the exit for the stadium and knew I could make it there. I hadn't anticipated that my little buddy was going to choose right then to try kicking me as hard as he could in the bladder over and over for the first time. I had to go so badly that I had tears running down my face from the strain of holding it in! 
Finally I made it to the stadium and raced up the stairs to the bathroom. The gate was locked! I started to run down the stairs (in actuality I was just waddling faster than normal) when the flood gates opened. Not a little trickle mind you, but a whole flood. A lady asked me if my water broke, and I burst into tears. I raced (again waddled quickly) across the street to Sluggers where I attempted to clean myself. I snuck out the back door and stood in the alley with a homeless man who also smelled like pee attempting to air dry myself.
Brad called wondering where I was and I had to tell I'd wet my pants and couldn't come in! Instead of having a fun event at the stadium I sat in the car with my kindle and wet underwear! 

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