Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The great name debate

I'm now 34 weeks along. Six short, or maybe long, weeks to go. I'm subbing a few days a week for friends and trying to keep my feet from swelling too much. Baby boy is strong and active! 

Our latest challenge, as I'm sure most new parents face, is the great name debate. We've read several baby books with thousands of names in them. Yesterday I went to the library and picked up three more books. We read them last night laughing about names like Mordycat and Id. After reading thousands of names we aren't any closer. We know what we don't like, but can't decide on what we love. Most names are fine, we just don't know! Maybe we will wait until we see his face, or maybe inspiration will strike one day soon. Either way I guess he will have a name in six weeks. 

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