Sunday, October 13, 2013

Girl's Night At Samantha's

Sam hosted a beautiful girl's night for me a couple of weeks ago. Sandi, Amanda, Missy, Sam and the little girls Sage, Avery and Ava all came. We had dinner from Cristiano's (my favorite), trophy cupcakes, played games and opened gifts. Sam had done a beautiful job creating decorations and making her house look so very nice.

She got different flavors of baby food and made us guess which flavors they were. Some were disgusting. Missy always went first and it was fun to watch her reaction and she was totally grossed out! The peas were the worst.

Sam also drew and painted a baby to play pin the diaper on the baby. I went third. They spun me around and left me standing there. I tried to walk froward and the next thing I knew they were squirting me yelling "he's peeing on you!" I was pretty wet.

Then we played the diaper the baby doll game while blindfolded. It was hilarious. I grabbed all the dolls and tried to hide them while we were blindfolded.

Avery and Ava had a wonderful time playing together and it was so much fun to watch them run around and make "food" in the kitchen.

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