Friday, November 8, 2013

Pops notes and pictures about Declan

Declan's Grammy and Pops came to visit us in the hospital. Pops took some pictures and wrote about Declan's first day in the world. Here's what he wrote: 

First day out!  It is really bright around here!  They won't let you sleep.  Always fussing with something.  I would rather just eat and  sleep for now.  No new powder yet! But pretty soon.  Tomorrow they take me to a new place up north.  I think they call it Bothell.  I get to meet two guys named Caleb and RJ.  I hear they eat a lot.  They told me that I will meet a cousin named Elias.  We will have a great time!  I bet he already knows how to fish and ski.  He has been around about three months more than I have. I hear he already has been hiking to the Oyster Dome, Boulder River, Barclay Lake, Rainbow Ridge and places like that!  I hope they take me with them on the next one.

For those of you that haven't met me, my name is Declan.  We plan to have a great life!

Love to the World!

Declan Hamilton 

You can also see the cute sock monkey and taggy blanket Grammy and Pops brought him. 

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