Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24th- 18 days old

We had a great weekend. I'm finally starting to feel better from the mastitis and Declan is getting on a better eating plan. On Saturday evening we went to Snohomish to visit Grammy and Pops and Uncle Todd. Todd was in a terrible car crash, so we wanted to cheer him up with a cute guy. Don't they look alike? 
Funny faces and a black eye :( 

Grammy gave Declan a warm blue bear suit to wear

Auntie Kristine dropped by some warm clothes on Saturday too. Declan wore his white bear suit to church on Sunday. It was his first time there. He was sleepy the whole time and never made a peep. 
In the mail today Declan got gifts! He got a special panda bear blanket from his great aunt Pat. She made it just for him! 
He also got new pjs from Gretchen and Gary and a new book too! The his friend Samantha came over to bring him the blankets she made for him. She put his name on the blankets too! 
Declan also got a card in the mail from his cousins Doug and Sandy! They sent him money for his college fund! :) 
Did I mention Declan gets to use a bottle now? It's way easier than finger feeding expressed milk. Here's Brad giving him a bottle for the first time. 
Cozy snuggle  boy! 

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