Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 28-30th 3 weeks old: first Thanksgiving!

The last few days were full of firsts for our Declan! He met his Nana Hamilton and Aunt Whitneynfor the first time. They flew out from Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with us! Declan also met Dick and Roberta, his Auntie Kristine's parents. 
Here are our boys with the veggie turkey I made. It took some serious baby wrangling to get them to both face the camera at the same time! Declan is three weeks old, Elias 3 1/2 months old. 

Another first for Declan was getting our Christmas tree! We went with Nana Lynne, Whitney, Grammy SL and Pops. Afterwards we decorated our tree together. 
Getting ready to cut the tree. 

Decorating the tree with aunt Whitney. 
Decorating with Nana and daddy. 
Napping with nana
Decorating with daddy
Declan watched his first Ohio state game with Aunt Whitney and Brutus Buckeye. 
After the game! 
Sticking out his tongue at daddy.

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