Monday, January 13, 2014

Seahawks Saturday!

On Saturday we packed up our things and headed to Snohomish for the big game! The Seahawks were playing the Saints. Brad made skyline chili dip. Kristine, Elias, Pop and Grammy all watched the game. Elias can sit up all on his own now so he was busy showing us his new trick! After the game we had roast beef. Then Brad and Pop left to meet Scott at the cabin to go skiing on Sunday. Declan and I stayed for a Snohomish slumber party. 
Declan's shirt says "Daddy loves me more than football" 

On Sunday we had waffles with Grammy. We relaxed and played. Then we went to visit Great Nana and Todd. Declan slept the whole visit! We went back to Grammy's house to eat pizza and wait for Brad. 

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