Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cousin time

One highlight of our trip was that we got to visit with some of our cousins. We drove 4 hours east to the small mountain town of Alpine. It was considerably cooler than Mesa, in the 30's. Lee Ann and Tony welcomed us to their beautiful home. We enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood, and saw all sorts of birds and critters. In the evening the raccoons came up on the porch to eat treats. They were very cute! We had a delicious enchilada dinner with tamales and corn bread. Declan and I went to bed early. Sleeping in the loft we could look out the window and see thousands of stars. It was truly amazing. In the morning Declan was kind enough to wake me for the sunrise! We enjoyed breakfast together and then headed back to the warm sun. Here is Lee and Tony with Tony's trophy elk! 

The evening we returned to Mesa we were able to meet Doug and Sandy for dinner. They were driving through on the way home to Oldham. In the morning they came over for waffles and a walk. Declan's not in the picture because he was snoozing! 

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