Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Goodbye Arizona, Hello Rain

Declan and I had a wonderful trip to Arizona. We spent two amazing weeks in the brilliant sunshine with Grammy and Pop. Brad joined us for three days at the end of our trip. Declan was a smiley, happy boy the whole trip. He filled our time in Arizona with joy! He looked at everything around him and loved being warm. Declan dipped his toes in the pool each day and splashed in his own pool. He went for many long walks, helped pick lemons, admired cacti, went to garage sales, jumped with Pop, smiled, laughed, squealed and screeched. While we were there he started to resemble the Michelin Man!

Declan was the perfect little traveler and slept both flights! Our flights weren't full so he was able to have his own seat each time.

We can't wait to travel to Arizona again!

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