Friday, March 14, 2014


I spent the last three days subbing for my friend's third grade class. I had a great time working with the kids. I got to eat lunch, without anyone pulling my hair, crying or wanting to eat! I even was able to use the bathroom all alone!! Pretty exciting, I know!

Declan spent the days with Grammy and Pop. He was a wonderful little boy and smiled, jumped and laughed the days away. Pop wanted to take him skiing on Thursday, but he's a bit too small!

Reflecting on the days, I really did enjoy being in the classroom but realized how lucky we are that I get to stay home and watch our little boy grow! I certainly missed him. It was hard to get home at 5:30, make dinner, feed him, and then kiss him goodnight. We hardly got to play or learn together. I'll continue to have those fun days subbing this spring, but I'll truly enjoy each day that I get to spend with Declan.

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