Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Swimming Lesson 7 months old

Today was Declan's first swimming lesson. We had a great time together. We arrived at the pool about 15 minutes early to get him in his swim trunks. As soon as we walked out by the pool and he saw the other children playing he began shrieking in joy! His whole face lit up and he could not contain his excitement to get in the water.

Our class finally started and Declan was delighted to be in the pool. We began with rubber duckies. I would throw the ducky about 2 feet ahead of Declan. He was supposed to reach for it while I held him floating at my side. This helps him learn that he's buoyant and how to reach in the water. He mostly wanted to eat the duck. Then we all got in a circle and sang the "wheels on the bus" while playing in the water. Declan thought this was great too. Next he practiced floating towards me while putting the lower half of his face in the water. He liked this as well. We did another fun song, splashing and kicking. Last all the babies stood on the edge of the pool (with help of course) and we did "Humpty Dumpty" and the babes "jumped" into the water with big huge smiles! We finished our class with another quick song and game in the water. Declan loved every minute of his lesson.

Afterwards we drove to Grammy and Pop's house to try out the new swing in their yard. While Declan went in the swing with Pop, we picked raspberries. Declan was exhausted from his busy day and was asleep before I made it to the end of the driveway.

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