Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zoo Day!

On Wednesday we took Declan to the zoo for the first time with Nana and Whitney. We had a wonderful day. We first saw the Savannah animals, including the baby giraffe, zebras, ostrich and of course the hippos!

Next we went to see the lions and the warthogs. The lions were sleeping so we only saw their paws.

Next we visited with the elephants! 

We enjoyed a picnic lunch together before we saw the meerkats, gorillas, orangutans and monkeys.

We walked to the Northern Trail to check out the elk, wolves, otter and bears. The wolves ran around and howled and howled while we watched them. It was really cool!

After visiting the Northern Trail, we went to see the penguins, flamingos and cheetahs! The cheetahs are visiting Woodland Park until the end of the summer. 

Here we are with a sleepy Declan at the end of the day.

Once we left the zoo we headed to Molly Moon's for ice cream. We drove across the bridge to pick up Brad from work. Then we grabbed dinner at Hector's and walked around the Kirkland Farmer's Market. 

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