Monday, June 16, 2014

Brad's First Father's Day

On Father's Day Declan, Brad and I went to church. Afterwards we came home to a rainy day. Declan had a couple of gifts for Brad: a mosaic garden stone to make together and some blocks with pictures of Declan on them. We relaxed and got ready for a family BBQ.

Reading the card from Declan

Relaxing together 

 Around 3 in the afternoon, Grammy, Pops and Great Nana arrived. We showed Nana the backyard where we are growing grass for Declan. We visited until Scott, Kristine, Elias, Todd, Auntie Paula and Dan arrived. Then Scott and Brad carried Great Nana upstairs for the BBQ. I took Paula on a tour of our yard to show her all the plants she'd given us. Brad made us delicious burgers. We also had potato salad from Grammy, chips and salsa, fruit salad from Kristine and Angel Food cake from Great Nana. It was pretty exciting to have Great Nana here. She hadn't seen Declan's room before or been upstairs in our house. She'd seen the downstairs before.
Happy Father's Day Pop! 

Great Nana 

Goofy cousins 

Paula, Nana and Gram 

Trying to get all the guys to look this way 

Here are the guys!

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