Monday, August 18, 2014

Declan's weekend

On Saturday we took Declan for a bike ride around our neighborhood. We went to Tambark park and played on the swings. Declan and I showed Daddy the trail and the dog park too. Declan started to nod off as we rode so we headed home for lunch. After lunch Declan took a little snooze and Brad headed to a bachelor party.

 On Sunday we relaxed in the morning and then went to Fresh Paint on the Everett waterfront. Declan was able to see glassblowing, painters and potters all working. He also saw a harbor seal and a pup in the water at the marina. We walked down on the dock and showed Declan where we got married. Then we headed over to Scuttlebutt's for fish and chips. Grammy and Pop surprised Declan and ate dinner with us. He loved the french fries and the cod! He was totally worn out and went to bed as soon as we got home.

Our house was way too hot as usual and Declan didn't sleep well. Between midnight and 4:30 he ate about 24 oz. He woke up at 6:45 screaming, which is unusual for him. I went in and realized that his room smelled like poop! I grabbed him up and went to change his diaper when I noticed he'd had a blowout all up his back. I got him all cleaned up and wiped off his shirt and put him in clean clothes. There was poop all over his changing table pad so I removed it and put it in the laundry pile. When I reentered his room I noticed it still smelled awful. I looked in to his bed and saw that there was poop all over his sheet and even worse, all over Teddy's head! Poor Teddy was wiped off and shoved into a pillowcase for a trip to the washing machine! When Declan took his morning nap I managed to get in three loads of laundry. I sure have an exciting life! :-)

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