Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Summer Fun!

August has been a busy month for us. We've been outside enjoying the beautiful weather and spending time with friends and family.
Wednesday Declan and I had our last summer swimming lesson. After lessons Declan went to Grammy and Pop's house and I went to Sunnycrest to help Trysha in her room. Declan enjoyed looking in the garden at the pumpkins and sunflowers. He also checked out the new 4Runner.

Thursday Declan and I went to music in the park at Silver Lake. We met Grammy, Pop and Elias there. After the music we played on the playground!

On Friday afternoon Declan and I headed down to Seattle for Katie and Geoff's rehearsal dinner. We sat in traffic for 2 hours! Finally we made it to Tutta Bella and met Daddy. Declan wore his bow tie from Auntie Sarah Beth. 

We had a nice morning together Saturday. Then we dropped off Daddy at the bus stop to head to Seattle for the wedding pictures. Declan and I went to Grammy and Pop's house. Declan played on his new couch and bike. 

Declan had his first sleepover Saturday night! He did great and really enjoyed it. He got to go to church Sunday morning with Great Nana. She said he has one volume at church "Loud!"

We came up mid morning to take Declan for a bike ride. We rode from Bryant to the big red barn. It was an exciting ride. At one point Declan's helmet flew off his head! We had to swerve and slam on our brakes to avoid it. When we were loading our bikes at the end we realized I was missing the bolt holding my tire on. Thankfully we are all fine. 

After our bike ride we headed home and had a delicious salmon dinner. Declan loves salmon! 

Today Declan was crawling all over the house trying to catch Olivia. I managed to get a little video of it. 

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