Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nine Months Old!

Declan is nine months old! Where has the time gone? He's doing all sorts of amazing things! He can pull and style hair like a professional, sings solos and sings with the choir at church (to clarify, he's not in the choir), he dances, wiggles, builds tall towers, does the worm, the army crawl, pulls himself up, says "daadaa" and "maamaa," feeds himself small chunks of food, laughs at his own jokes, front floats and back floats in the pool, waves bye, pets RJ gently, picks my nose, pokes our eyes, and he texts messages! Impressive, I know.

Today he visited with Trysha for his 9 month photos. He wasn't a super smiley man like normal but she managed to get some amazing photos. Here they are:
Can you believe they put me in a wash tub? 

I take modeling very seriously! 

My thighs look very good at this angle, don't you think?

Well hello ladies, yes I can drive backwards!

I don't look like much of a baby here, do I? 

Mommy was yelling "work it, baby." She's silly

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