Thursday, September 18, 2014

Punt Pass and Kick Competition at the Clink

On Thursday Declan spent the day with Grammy and Pop while I subbed in 5th grade. I picked him up about 4 and headed down to the Seahawks stadium to watch Brad participate in the punt, pass and kick competition with 4 other guys from Mulvanny. Declan loved checking out the field and crawling around on the turf. We watched the guys attempt field goals and passes. Brad kicked a 25 yard field goal! We also had burgers, waffle fries, and cookies. We had a great time.
Brad and Declan outside the stadium 


Declan relaxing with the football. 

Geoff, Declan and Brad 

Scott and Declan getting acquainted

Attempting a field goal 

Brad kicking his field goal 

Our happy sweet boy

Declan made a friend named Lydia 

The team discussing strategy

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