Saturday, September 6, 2014


On Saturday Eastern Washington University played UW at Husky stadium. We got tickets on Groupon and were so excited to take Declan to the game. I was both a Husky and an Eagle and wanted the Eagles to win since it's a much smaller school. The Eagles have been division champions in their league for the last couple of years.
Saturday morning Brad made us a big breakfast and we packed our lunches and snacks and headed down to UW. Our little monkey wore a vintage Eastern shirt!
A Dawg and an Eagle 

We parked by my old apartment on 22nd and walked through campus, passed my dorm, and down to Montlake.

One of Brad's coworkers invited us to tailgate with his family before the game. We stopped in to enjoy some company and food! I had to explain to all those Huskies why Declan and I were Eagles for the day! I think they understood when I told them he was an Eagle in honor of his Great Papa and Great Nana. 

Finally we made it to the stadium. It was about 90 so we were very happy we were in the shady area of the stadium. We were at the very tip top of the stadium and had an amazing view of Lake Washington. Declan was in awe of all the noise and action going on around him. He couldn't stop smiling and bouncing. As soon as the teams ran out on the field he started clapping and yelling with everyone else. Here's a little video: 

Getting ready to head into the game! 

Outside Husky Stadium

Our view from the very, very top of the stadium!

Lake Washington in he background!

Taking a little snooze
Declan loved every minute of the game. It was a very exciting game with the offense running and throwing the ball frequently. The game was neck and neck and made it so much more fun! The Eagles ended up loosing because of a fumble 52-59. It was an amazing game and we loved watching our little guy love the game. He did take two naps from all the excitement and woke up with a big smile on his face each time. 
After the game we walked back to our car and Declan was asleep before he was even buckled in! He loved every minute of his day. 

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